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Best 3D Printing Courses, Training & Classes in Edmonton [2023]


Learn how to print in 3D

3D printing is more and more commonly used in the research and development departments of companies to innovate and this radically changes the way of producing: thinking, designing, producing and perfecting/improving.

Digital manufacturing

It is an art and a process available to companies. It requires a small amount of learning and little equipment at start-up. 3D printers are rethinking the way objects are produced. They allow you to imagine, create or repair everyday objects yourself and also to prototype objects and then manufacture them on demand or in series.

To make it easier for you to find your best 3D Printing training in Edmonton, a global team of 10+ experts has compiled this list of 2 Best 3D Printing Training, Courses, classes, certifications, tutorials and programs in Edmonton for 2022.

2 Best 3D Printing Courses inĀ  Edmonton for 2022

3D Printing Training in Edmonton (NobleProg, Edmonton)

Getting into 3D printing can be a real adventure! Technologies are varied, 3D printers are numerous, 3D software is sometimes very technical, it is not easy for a novice to find his way around.

In this onsite or online training, you will learn, in the most simplified way, how to use a 3D printer as well as how to design your own proper 3D models.

Duration: 7 hours
Level: Beginner

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Equipment & Resources (University of Alberta, Edmonton)

Training courses dedicated to 3D printing are gaining more and more interest among individuals and professionals. The mediatization and democratization of this technology raise a number of questions about its functioning and capacities.

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Here, at the University of Alberta, you will have access to lots of equipment and be able to use 3d printers. To do so, you will simply have to take some quick training through an eclass external course.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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You will learn how to :

  • Discover the potential of 3D printing,
  • Understand how to go from a 3D model to a printed physical object,
  • Explain the operation and constraints of a 3D printer,
  • Print an object in 3D.

The Bottom Line

These best 3D Printing design Training, Courses, classes, certifications, tutorials, and programs in Edmonton for 2022 training offer you several training possibilities depending on your level and your objectives. Do not hesitate to contact them by filling out an information request form to obtain more information.

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