12 Best Fashion Design Courses, Training & Classes in Canada [2023]


What is a fashion design course?

A fashion design course is a course that covers the art of designing beautiful clothing and fashion accessories.

What is a fashion designer?

The fashion designer is a professional who participates in all stages of the creation of a collection.
The fashion designer must demonstrate versatility. This profession is not limited to creation. He is in contact with models, negotiates with manufacturers, organizes events, fits out boutiques, etc.

What are the advantages and missions of a fashion designer?

Before creating a collection, the fashion designer carries out research to find or define future trends. To do this, he can rely on style offices that decipher future trends in terms of colours, textures, patterns and others. He then designs “moodboards”, which bring together colours, materials and other inspirations from all fields of art and related fields (design, architecture, photography, landscape…) that will define the theme of his future collection.

To make it easier for you to find your Fashion Design training in Canada, a global team of 8+ experts has compiled this list of 12 Best Fashion Design Training, Courses, classes, certifications, tutorials and programs in Canada for 2022.

12 Best Fashion Design Courses in Canada for 2022


Diploma in fashion design (Toronto Film School – Toronto, Ontario)

Learn how to take a fashion design from concept through to finished product and onto the runway. You will explore the entire process of bringing your designs to life, from basic drawing, draping, sewing to computer illustration and pattern-making. The program will also prepare you for the business of fashion, including marketing yourself and building industry recognition through national fashion competitions.

Duration: 18 months (6 terms)
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Fashion illustration and design (Glow Academy –  Toronto, Ontario)

Learn and apply the process of fashion designing. From influence, inspiration or imagination, learn to sketch, design and create multiple collections to add to your portfolio. Develop your unique ideas with mood board and texture chart exercises that lead to a blend of hand and digital illustration techniques. Students are required to bring basic art supplies and items to complete design assignments.

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Duration: 24 Classroom Hours (4 Hour Evening or Weekend Classes).
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Fashion design workshop (Centennial College – Toronto, Ontario)

Learn how to produce a skirt and pants from a picture or your own design. Course includes design, pattern making, sewing and fitting.

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Fashion design (Ryerson University – Toronto, Ontario)

This course is an introduction to fashion design, pattern making and construction. Students will explore the design process, draft patterns from basic blocks and create prototypes for diverse bodies. Sustainable practices will be emphasized. Lab format.

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Fashion techniques and design program (George Brown College – Toronto, VILLE)

The fashion techniques and design program prepares graduates for careers in garment manufacturing design rooms. This is a women’s wear program that simulates, as closely as possible, the industry’s standards, practices and facilities. You will use industrial machines and learn the essentials of technical illustration, pattern making, pattern grading and clothing construction.

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
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Fashion design cours (Blanche Mac Donald Centre – Vancouver, British Columbia)

Fast forward your fashion future. Get runway ready in one year with our cutting edge fashion design program, and gain the skills to become a world-class design professional. Train with award-winning industry experts at a globally renowned college. Join the ranks of our prestigious fashion design alumni who are shaping the fashion world today.

Duration: One year, 3 days/week  (Full-time Diploma program)
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Diploma in fashion design (Lasalle College – Vancouver, British Columbia)

Students learn the fundamentals of fashion design, including tailoring, flat pattern drafting, draping, textiles and computer pattern drafting, from instructors who have worked first-hand in the business.

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Certificate of fashion design (Academy of Fashion Design – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

The certificate program prepares students for the fast paced fashion industry.  It provides training in ready to wear.  Our emphasis in the first 8 months is to explore designing from the basic level, finding inspiration through historical studies, design principals and modern fashion trends.

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Full time fashion designer (Richard Robinson – Ottawa, Ontario)

The students will develop their creativity to the fullest, learning and creating fashion trends, creative presentations, mastering high standards in all techniques, time management and respecting deadlines are developed and stressed throughout the program.

Duration: 2 years (21 hours of class per week)
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Fashion designing courses for forward thinking designers (Fanshawe College –  London, Ontario)

This program provides a supportive and nurturing environment for you and other emerging canadian fashion designers. Through our fashion designing courses, you’ll develop creative designs, visual communication and business marketing skills, as well as apparel production technologies. As well, you’ll have the opportunity to learn practical skills like fashion illustration, computer aided design, pattern-making and draping, and garment construction.

Duration: 90 weeks
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Fashion design technician (St. Clair College – Windsor, Ontario)

Design, innovate and create are the fundamentals of the fashion design program. Simulating industry standards and practices, students will become skilled in the essentials of pattern making and garment construction. Core curriculum includes fashion marketing, illustration, textiles, computer-aided design and product development.

Duration: Two Year – Ontario College Diploma
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Honours bachelor of craft and design textiles (Sheridan College – Brampton / Mississauga / Oakville, Ontario)

Learning from design professionals in our state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll get hands-on experience in 2d and 3d fibre-specific approaches, including printing, weaving, dyeing, off-loom techniques, digital design and sewing. We foster and encourage experimentation and exploration of the fibre medium.

Duration: Full-time 4 yrs (8 semesters)
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The objectives of these training courses

These training courses in fashion design will allow you to :

  • Know everything about the cultural, historical, aesthetic and economic environment of the world of fashion and design.
  • To practice and understand the main sewing techniques specific to the fashion design profession.
  • Mastering the software used in Fashion Design
  • Develop your fashion culture and creative personality
  • Designing a finalized collection of clothing for different targets (women, men, children)

The Bottom Line

Theses 12 best Fashion design Training, Courses, classes, certifications, tutorials and programs in Canada for 2022 training offer you several training possibilities depending on your level and your objectives. Do not hesitate to contact them by filling out an information request form to obtain more information.

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