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Best 3D Animation Courses, Training & Classes in Ottawa [2023]


What do you learn in 3d animation courses?

The 3d animation training allows students to acquire professional knowledge through the teaching of all the most advanced techniques in the creation and 3d animation of computer generated images, whether for cinema, special effects, television, or the creation of 3d video game characters and sets. The evolution of digital image technologies has revolutionized the entertainment and show business sectors. 3d animation, video games, cinema, advertising… 3D animations are invading our daily visual life. The production of 3D animations has known for a few years a progression and unlimited uses.

The objective of 3D training:

To obtain a thorough knowledge and a real mastery of design and production tools, both in 3D animation and in scriptwriting and character design. To take in hand the satellite tools of 3D production (compositing, sound design, digital painting, 3D modeling etc…) in order to design 3d animation films.

To make it easier for you to find your best 3D Animation training in Ottawa, a global team of 10+ experts has compiled this list of 3 Best 3D Animation Training, Courses, classes, certifications, tutorials and programs in Ottawa for 2022.

3 Best 3D Animation Courses in Ottawa for 2022

Animation (Algonquin College, Ottawa)

In this professional animation program in Ottawa, the student should expect to learn drawing. The courses will also primarily be a character of performance program; The study of movement, emotion, how a character behaves, getting that appropriate movement on-screen, and so on.

With Ottawa being a very diverse animation community with about seven or eight rather large companies. It gives students an opportunity to work on shows from companies like Disney or Dreamworks as well as Canadian content.

The growing animation industry in Ottawa is a huge advantage for Algonquin’s students because they get that opportunity to work on high profile shows and it gives them a real, practical real-world application to the tools that they experience in this program.

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Duration: 3 years
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD) (Carleton University, Ottawa)

Well known and renowned for its unique animation program, Carleton University in Ottawa offers you the opportunity to reach your goal and realize your dream by acquiring all the necessary and advanced knowledge to master computer animation.

This program is designed for those with artistic and technological skills and has an interest in all aspects of digital media.

Students will receive a lot of advice and techniques and will be guided through the whole process, from concept to pre-production, production, and post-production.

Duration: 4 years
Level: Advanced

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3D Studio Max Training in Ottawa (JFL Media Formation, Ottawa)

Designed for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced individuals, you will learn in this course, the art of the powerful animation software program, 3D Studio Max.

3D Studio Max is a software entirely designed for 3D modeling and animation. You will learn many useful things such as creating images, textures, virtual shapes, be able to create professional 3D renders and animation whether for games or images.

The advantage of choosing this course is that it can be personalized depending on your skills, projects, and goals.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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A career in this industry?

3D training gives access to a multitude of positions in all fields that use 3D images and videos:
Cinema & video games (3D modeler, 3D animator), character designer, storyboarder, layout designer / lighting designer, architectural visualization, product visualization and prototyping, art director, 2D / 3D texture graphic designer, 3D illustrator, Advertising…

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The Bottom Line

These best 3D Animation Training, Courses, classes, certifications, tutorials, and programs in Ottawa for 2022 training offer you several training possibilities depending on your level and your objectives. Do not hesitate to contact them by filling out an information request form to obtain more information.

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