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10 Best Excel Courses, Training & Classes in Edmonton [2023]

Excel is one of the most widely used office software packages in the Microsoft Office suite. It is indispensable whenever you want to be able to manipulate, process and analyse data. Its mastery is a real asset to fully fulfill your missions and enhance your CV whatever the sector of activity in which you work.

The Excel software has undergone numerous updates. The versions have multiplied over the years, multiplying its already numerous possibilities to process and display data. Whether you need to make a simple Excel table or create reports, this software no longer has to prove its usefulness and its mastery is much in demand by recruiters. Learning how to use Excel is essential whether you are an employee or a job seeker.


Many Excel training courses are available

You are not very comfortable with this software? Many Excel training courses are available. Benefit from a personalized support allowing you to perfect your knowledge of Excel. The functions and pivot tables will be within your reach. Opt for a certified Excel training course for an initiation to Excel, an improvement or an update of your skills.

A wide range of Excel training courses is available on our list of the 10 Best Microsoft Excel Training, Courses, classes, certifications, tutorials and programs in Edmonton for 2022. Benefit from courses on Excel from experts in different training centers near you.

10 Best Excel Courses in Edmonton for 2022


Excel Level 1 (University of Alberta, Edmonton)

This course is designed for new users. The course provides beginner concepts required to produce basic spreadsheets. Participants will learn how to create, save, open and close files; enter data; as well as edit using insert, delete, move and copy functions. This course presents simple formula creation concepts including the use of built-in functions. Relative formulas will also be covered. On completion of this course students will be familiar with formatting features such as: row heights, column width, alignment, merge cells and number styles. Participants will also work with margins, headers and footers to enhance page layout in different views to prepare for printing.

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Duration: 1 day
Level: Beginner

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Microsoft Excel – Level 2 (Global Knowledge, Edmonton)

Learn how to use formulas and advanced functions, create and format tables and protect and finalize a workbook.This course will teach you how to use formulas and advanced functions, create and format tables, sort and filter, visualize your data with charts.

Duration: 1 day
Level: Intermediate

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Microsoft Excel Level I (NAIT, Edmonton)

If you hope to excel in the world of office technology and spreadsheet software, you need to develop your Microsoft Excel skills. Discover how spreadsheets are used as business planning tools. Learn how to take advantage of common shortcuts and tips to help speed your productivity. Understand the basic concepts and terminology of this powerful program. Customize the quick access toolbar, produce and format basic spreadsheets, and use formulas and functions.

Duration: 14 hours
Level: Beginner.

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Excel 2016 – Part 3 (New Horizons, Edmonton)

This advanced Excel course builds off learnings from Excel 2016 – Parts 1 & 2 and prepares you to complete difficult Excel tasks such as LOOKUPS, macros and more. The course also covers Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives to help you prep for the certification exam.Once you complete Excel 2016 – Part 3, you’ll be able to perform advanced data analysis, collaborate on workbooks and automate workbook functionality.

Duration: 1 Day (8 Hours)
Level: Intermediate, advanced

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Excel Level 1 (Metro Continuing Education, Edmonton)

This course covers basic spreadsheet techniques such as data entry, editing, creating formulas, range editing, using functions, printing and making charts. Additional topics include enhanced formatting and the error-checking feature.

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Level: Beginner

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Advanced Excel (NorQuest College, Edmonton)

This advanced course builds on the MS Excel course and provides you with the opportunity to enhance your skills and productivity. You will learn to use features such as Macros, Scenarios, PivotTables, and Solver to automate tasks, improve efficiencies, and collect and analyze data.
Level: advanced

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MS Excel Level I (MacEwan University, Edmonton)

Learn to create a new workbook; work with ranges, columns and rows, move and copy to build a workbook; and work with basic Excel features such as autofill, autosum, autocomplete, and basic formulas. You also learn about enhancing the worksheet’s appearance and setting up for printing.

Duration: 14 Hours
Level: Beginner

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Excel – Level 2 Course (Certstaffix, Edmonton)

This course will teach students how to perform more advanced calculations and work with larger worksheets in Microsoft Excel. In this intermediate Excel course, you will learn how to: Perform Calculations on Data, Manage Worksheet Data, Reorder and Summarize Data, Combine Data from Multiple Sources, Analyze Alternative Data Sets and Collaboration.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Intermediate, advanced

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Microsoft Excel Level 1 (Academy of Learning Career College, Edmonton)

In the Microsoft Excel Level 1 course, students learn to create and manage worksheets and workbook files; enter data and create basic formulas to perform calculations. They learn to edit and manipulate cell content, modify worksheet structure, view and format worksheets, and use Excel’s predefined functions. Students use the Find and Replace feature, use themes to format workbooks and practice preparing, previewing, and printing worksheets.

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Duration: 28 Hours
Level: Beginner

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Excel Boot Camp (Chinook Learning Services, Edmonton)

Attend our boot camp and learn the content covered in our Microsoft® Office Excel (Levels 1, 2 & 3) courses in just three days. This Excel series of courses meets the Microsoft Proficiency Guidelines for Excel at the Core and Expert level.

Duration: 28 Hours
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, advanced

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Objectives and overview of these different programmes

Master the Excel spreadsheet, automate complex calculations, create all types of graphs and manage databases. Training plans include: data entry, shortcuts, conditional formatting, statistics, sorting, series, relative and absolute references, printing, formulas, imports and exports, pivot tables, macros, visual basic (vba), data protection, practical applications …etc.

The Bottom Line

Theses best Microsoft Excel Training, Courses, classes, certifications, tutorials and programs in Edmonton for 2022 training offer you several training possibilities depending on your level and your objectives.

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